Welcome to Louison Art Therapy + Art

Hello! My name is Louise Weston or Louison, the name I often go by! It was fondly given to me by my art hero Mirka Mora, who I had the pleasure of meeting a few times. She told me to create freely without restriction under the alias of Louison! Plus it’s my two names put together so perhaps it was meant to be!

Art Therapy is a gentle, self-paced, self-directed practice. It is rich in its ability to provide a person-centred approach for achieving self-awareness, healing and growth.

Art Therapy offers the client a chance for free expression and self-exploration in a non-judgemental way. Through a support and encouragement, it has the ability to help build on skills such as resilience, confidence, self-regulation and so on… READ ON






Art has been my friend and go to since I was a toddler. My very patient Mother allowed be to be in creative bliss (mess) freely till my heart’s content and I have in turn done the same for my children and now others through my expressive workshops and individual therapy.

I believe there is great benefit in being in the right head space, free from critical thinking to be able to truly and freely create… READ ON